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Quality Policy

Our quality policy is customer centered; we believe that our customers are like the kings.
We within the Nafe Surgical Company try to ensure and maintain the quality and utility of the products keeping in view our collective goal of continued improvement to the service of the humanity. That is why we try to remain prices of the products low so that the end users or the persons bearing the cost for healthcare can be reduced.
To do justice to the requirements and expectations of our valued customers is of prime significance for us that it has become as vital as something   fora faith.
To maintain high excellence for our instruments, we take pains to perform all production processes in the vigilant control of our experienced experts. As there are number of intricate processes and steps through which our products undergo.
Our goods for being ready to be sent to the customers there is a chain of at least 20 key procedures that our surgical technicians apply to make the perfect things happen.

Shear and Press Work.
Mold or Die Making.
Hot Forging.
Surface Treatment.
Machining (CNC, Milling,).
Vacuum Heat Treatment.
Electro Polishing.
Grinding & Polishing.
Ultrasonic Cleaning.
Functional Setting and Testing.
Color coatings (Gold, Black, Titanium).
Diamond Dust coatings (Diamond DustedInstruments).
Tungsten Carbide Insertion (For TC Instruments)
Special Preparation of Scissors blades(Razor edge,super cut edge).
Sterilization( through state of art machines).
Laser & Electro-Chemical etching.
Quality Control Testing.